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International Symposium on Terminus Lakes
Preserving endangered lakes through research

October 26-29, 2009
Joe Crowley Student Union • University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada, USA

Symposium Overview

The Symposium explored the latest research available on closed basin lakes in the western United States and across the globe. The Symposium also highlighted recent research findings from the Walker Basin Project, a comprehensive research project that explored the best means to get additional water to Nevada’s Walker Lake while maintaining the basin’s economy and ecosystem.

Featured Speakers

Wallace S. Broecker

The keynote speaker Wallace S. Broecker, Ph.D., a renowned geochemist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and winner of many of the world’s highest awards in science, is the first scientist to sound the alarm about climate change as far back as 1975. He is credited with coining the term “global warming.” [Read More » Five minutes with Dr. Wallace Broecker]

Video - Keynote: “Changing precipitation patterns: Lessons from the past”

Berry Lyons

Berry Lyons, Ph.D., director, Byrd Polar Research Center and professor at The Ohio State University, will lead the session on international terminus lakes research. He is an internationally recognized geochemist who has conducted research on all seven continents. His lake research focuses on semi-arid, closed basin lakes in Australia, Antarctica, the northern Great Plains and the Great Basin in the U.S. [Read More » A Chat with Berry Lyons]
Video - Invited Presentation: “Terminal lakes:  Polar vs. warm desert systems”

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The Walker Basin Project, DRI and the University of Nevada, Reno.

University of Nevada, Reno