C. Richard Tracy

C. Richard Tracy


Biology Department
Mailstop: 314
Office: FA259


B.S. Biology, California State University, Northridge, 1966
M.S. Biology, California State University, Northridge, 1968
Ph.D. Zoology (minor in Botany), University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1972

Research interests

Autecology, Desert Biology, and Conservation Biology

My research interests and experiences are broad and include descriptive ecology, autecology (broadly defined to include physiological ecology, biophysical ecology, animal behavior, and population biology), evolutionary biology, theoretical ecology, organismal biology, and conservation biology. Some of my research interests include: Proximate and ultimate interactions between organisms and their environments. I am primarily interested in the factors of temperature, water, and nutrients. I am interested in the physics and physiological mechanisms of interaction, the ecology and evolutionary significance of such interactions, and the design of organisms in relation to such interactions. Time and space utilization, sharing and inter-relationships among animals. The ecological importance of Grinnellian Niches in organisms, and the autecological function of these niche relationships in determining distribution, dispersion, dispersal, and population fluctuations. Conservation Biology: the ecology and conservation of reptilian; the biology, ecology, and conservation of deserts; and paleobiology and extinction process.